My work is inspired by small observations: the nip of autumn in a woman’s blowing scarf, or a pair of bright and asymmetrical eyes; by a resigned couple sitting at the bus stop, a child’s curious gaze, or an old woman’s feathery hat.

I am endlessly stirred by the way people choose to represent themselves (what they wear, what they do with their bodies, their hair, their hands, their faces; how they physically interact with each other). What do their choices mean about their internal feelings, their life experiences? These questions intrigue me because I think they point to universal emotions, feelings we can all identify with.

Color, expression, line, and pattern are the tools I use to visually present these questions. I use pastel (chalk) for its immediacy and brilliance, blending with my fingers, or laying colors side by side. In this way, I put the questions to the viewers: what happened in this person’s life that made her sit that way, wear that coat, make that face? How does that man feel about the woman with her hand in his lap? What in that child’s mind made her stare out at us like that?

It is my hope that my art will arouse in my viewers a sense of knowingness or wonder; a feeling of edginess or calm; I hope that they will perceive something universally human, something that connects us all.